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Application Guidelines

Once you have reviewed the application form (PDF available for download to the right), please apply online using the link in the pink sidebar. (We recommend writing your responses in a separate document and then pasting them into the form when you're ready as there isn't a save button.)

Before you apply, please note that this is not a program for those developing feature length films or documentaries, or streaming television shows - even if you post them on new media platforms as a stepping stone. We will not read such applications.




On the application, you will be asked to answer a few brief questions about your personal and professional background, your interest in the program, and to submit the following materials:

  • A one to two sentence description of your project (logline);

  • A one to two page project pitch (concept brief) that addresses the following:

    • What you propose to create;

    • Why the topic is relevant, your connection to it, and why this story should be told;

    • What medium you intend to work in, what platform you intend to distribute on, and why;

    • Intended audience for the project;

  • A few sentences outlining outlining how you intend to use the production funds available;

  • Reflections on your professional strengths, areas for growth, and your Jewish background or connection;

  • What you hope to gain from the program and what you can share with other fellows;

  • CV, including links to relevant projects;

  • Two references, at least one should be a professional or academic reference (contact information only);

  • Samples of past work;

  • A signed submission release form (You can download it here. You will upload a signed version for the application.)


Applications are due on or before 11:59PM Pacific Time on October 30, 2023. Applications will be reviewed, and interviews scheduled with finalists, on a rolling basis – we therefore encourage early submissions.

Application Process

1. Preview the application and prepare your responses with this downloadable PDF.

2. Download and complete this form - you will need to submit it with your online application.

3. Ready to go? Click here and submit your application.

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