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Liz Nord

Liz Nord is an Emmy-winning multi-platform producer, documentarian and content specialist who has created and shown work across the globe. She is currently Director of Content at Sundance, where she has been instrumental in growing Sundance Collab into the premiere global destination of filmmakers looking to hone their crafts. In the role, she developed hundreds of hours of content featuring top-tier industry talent in multiple formats. She is also creator and editor of Sundance's The Muse, a biweekly journal for Screenwriters and Storytellers with 20K+ subscribers.

Previously, she served as the Editor-in-Chief and Lead Producer at No Film School, where she oversaw all content and daily operations of the world's largest online filmmaking publication, as well as created and co-hosted the popular and highly rated Indie Indie Film Weekly podcast.

Her first film, Jericho’s Echo: Punk Rock In The Holy Land, a critically acclaimed documentary about rebellious young Israeli musicians, screened at over 100 festivals and venues worldwide.

Notable projects include running MTV's Choose or Lose ’08: an Emmy Award-winning project wherein 51 state-based citizen journalists covered the 2008 presidential elections from a youth perspective, across all media platforms, contributing to the most influential youth vote in U.S. history; and shooting a short documentary on-location in Haiti for musician Wyclef Jean’s charitable organization, Yele Haiti. In her multi-platform work, she partnered with transmedia pioneer Lance Weiler as director of Lyka's Adventure Labs, experiential science and tech workshops for elementary students for a project that includes a plush toy, mobile app, and book series.

Liz is also a founding member of the Film Fatales collective, and has spoken and written extensively on a wide range of creativity and media-related topics, notably as a TED speaker at TEDxDumbo, as a multiple-time SXSW presenter, and as a writer for PBS's POV blog.

Liz moved to New York from the San Francisco Bay Area, where she ran a youth media organization and helped develop a national media literacy curriculum with the US Department of Education. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Women in Film and Media. She enjoys traveling, street photography, interviewing people, cooking and trying new foods, outdoor dance parties, and terrible puns.

Liz Nord
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