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Screenwriters Lab

The Screenwriters Lab of the Jewish Writers’ Initiative is a year-long, non-exclusive, creative endeavor supporting the development of scripts that tell diverse Jewish stories, with the ultimate goal of launching these scripts into the mainstream media marketplace.

Featuring three seminars in Los Angeles, New York, and Israel, the Initiative provides participants with the opportunity to learn from high-level industry professionals,  educators, and project-related experts, to enhance their craft and develop their projects. Travel and other expenses are included.

Between seminars, writers develop their scripts, supported by experienced, one-on-one mentors, with access to additional resources provided by the Initiative.

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Each member of our group of up to 15 writers receives a stipend of $36,000 in a non-exclusive relationship to create their product, affording them – within a set schedule and with output milestones – the comfort, means, and time to develop their projects. Writers own their scripts or screenplays when the program concludes.

Script Subjects

Scripts should be commercially viable narratives that explore Jewish themes, such as Jewish identity, culture, values, heritage, religion, spirituality, or history.

Applicant Qualifications

Writers must be based in the United States, at least 18 years of age, and must have completed a full-length script for film, television, and/or digital media prior to their participation in the program. Previous scripts need not be Jewish in content. 


The Initiative will consider applications from up-and-coming writers, established professionals, and graduate school students.

Writing teams may apply with a joint project. If accepted, teams will receive only one stipend and must designate one writer to attend all three seminars. Please submit a CV, writing sample, and references for each member of the team, or one writing sample that was co-written by the team.    


The Screenwriters' Lab is currently on hold. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

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